CGC Studio

Contracted cooperation

Conclude an annual supply contract with us and in the long run solve the issue of daily nutrition of employees in the best possible way. You can expect our standard quality, 10% lower prices of both basic meals and additions and our free software solutions. Possibility of individual ordering via Android or web application for each user. Monthly electronic statement of all orders with accompanying cost analysis for your bookkeeping.
High flexibility in case of special requirements. Deliveries in disposable individual packages or GastroNorm containers for standardized line service. Transport in Thermoport heat chain. Guaranteed free delivery from 8:00 to 15:00. Additional discounts for all other services and products.
Cooperation with preschool and school institutions is regulated by law and a contract is required.

Supply contract of ready-made meals - preschool institutions
Supply contract of ready-made meals - extended stay
Supply contract of ready-made meals - schools
Supply contract of ready-made meals - companies